Blasting & Painting Services

Ashford Brown brings together diverse services of blasting and Painting in the industry for the purpose of expanding corrosion monitoring in the Oil & Gas Industry.
Our surface preparation with Ultra-High-Pressure Hydro and grit blasting is ideal for construction companies and the Oil & Gas Industry, amongst other surface preparation methods.

We are majors in asset integrity management services, we are very experience in blasting and painting assets, we understand materials deeply this enable us employ the best method in basting and coating every job.



  • Abrasive grit blasting
  • Streams blasting
  • Mechanical and manual surface preparation
  • Application of paint and other coverings such as epoxy: (glass flakes, vinyl ester and ester synthetical materials)
  • Application of anti-slip covering, road surface marking
  • Internal tank blasting and other related services.



  • Corrosion management on offshore installation facilities.
  • Corrosion management on onshore installation facilities.
  • Corrosion management on steel surface structures.